Commercial Mulch Can Kill Your Plants!

Old shipping pallets and shredded wood waste sucks the life out of your vulnerable plants and valuable gardens.

Store-bought bagged and commercial mulch includes shredded wood waste and recycled shipping trash. This shredded "wood fiber" robs life-giving nitrogen from your soil while it rots.

Depleted nitrogen stunts the growth and vitality of your gardens. Poor plant growth leaves your landscape weak and prone to blight and disease.

Our 100% Natural Hardwood Mulch infuses nitrogen and invigorates strong healthy plants and beautiful blooms.

Your gardens will thrive in rich, dark humus teeming with life-giving nutrients, beneficial poly-cultures and a balanced ecosystem for soil-enriching earthworms.

We hand-deliver and carefully bed your gardens with 100% pure, shredded, native hardwood bark mulch made organically right here in Maryland.

Order below or call the Mulch Masters at 443-786-6333.

Get Your Great Garden Makeover Before Your Neighbors Do.

We offer FREE delivery and installation in Anne Arundel, Queen Anne, Talbot, & Caroline counties. Rising gas prices require a nominal round trip fuel charge of $20 to $35 for other areas. $19 for Southern Anne Arundel. $25 for Salisbury area.

No payment due until your gardens are done. Payments C.O.D., cash, personal and business checks are accepted.